Windows 98 Computer Repair

Windows 98 Computer repair

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Windows 98 Computer Repair:

Had an intersting job today, fixing an outdated windows 98 machine, you may ask why? This machine is running a Cutting Machine CNC cutting machine.

The client needed to fix the pc it had a faulty graphics Card, I managed to find a replacement  part from one of his spare computers.

The problem being is that they are so old that finding drivers is nearly impossible or will take time.

Ended up insatlling an old drive which had all the drivers, and swapped over the drive.

Re booted windows 98 and installed missing drives I did have.

Installed Cutting software and it worked fine, and software was on floppy disks…wow.

Ended up fixing the machine and client was happy to have his old 98 machine running.

Have to say it booted up pretty quick compared to some of the newere machines then again 98 was a good solid system.


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