Virus removal

Virus removal Hervey Bay

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Viruses can damage and may encrypt your computer if not removed or if you don’t have virus protection.

We came across this virus on one of our client computers, and very tricky as it has its own backup which will re-installs it self using a restore point on your computer.

What do I do if I get a virus? Best to disconnect the PC Until an IT support person looks at it for you or you can use a good malware removal tool freely available on the internet. and run a system clean. Always make sure your  AV is up to date

for help on removing this and Crypto Locker from your computer contact our mobile team on 0429929971


Make sure virus definitions are up-to-date and run the system in safe mode

Disable System Restore

Have your system Disks Handy and a working backup

Make sure you back up on a Regular Basis

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