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Malware Removal Hoxton Park

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Malware removal Hoxton Park

What is Malware?

Malware is malicious software used to disrupt your computer, it can corrupt files, gather information about you or sensitive data, like credit card numbers and personal info.

Pc Tech It Solutions will remove malware from your computer and make sure your computer is safe, we do this by giving your system a clean and removing the infections, we update any updates that need to be  installed and we check and update your Antivirus if needed.

We do the hard work so your computer is running like it should. contact our office on 0429929971 or click on this link to send us a message

We also Upgrade Computer Hard Disk

Is your computer slowing down and dont want to replace it just yet, we can upgrade your HD with a SSD drive. Solid State Drive SSD is a very fast drive running about 300 time faster than your current drive, giving you amazing computer performance on your Laptop or Pc, we can also upgrade your MAC or Imac.


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