Intermac service

Intermac service

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Intermac service

CNC machines can fail and if you depend on your production line or only have one machine your business will be impacted until your machine is fixed

At Pc Tech It Solutions we can fix the computer in your CNC machine and replace components inside them as needed. We don’t overwrite your original disk as many times this contains important files that if you simply replace the drive will not work.

We work with you and Intermac to solve your problem our quick response time means your down time is limited from a few hours to days rather than weeks.

We can also maintain your computers and create a full backup of your system and build a standby system to replace in case the main system crashes or dies, as parts can be hard to come by we stock many xp and 98 systems and have some ready to deploy if needed.

We can also work on upgrading some of them to W7 and W10 in some cases.

For your CNC Computer repair call our office on 0429929971



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