How to boost Windows 10 in 10(ish) minutes

How to boost Windows 10 in 10(ish) minutes

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Time is money, so we’ll make this quick. If your machine is running
slowly you’re losing billable hours.
Already upgraded to Windows 10? You’re off to a great start.

Get to work on these eight simple tweaks to significantly
boost your system performance.
Clear your

  • browsing
    Audit your web
    Identify which
    start up
    Download a
    tune-up utility
    Perform a disk
    Change the
    power settings
    to high
    Change the
    and maybe do a
    fresh start
    We’ve all seen the popups. Every single
    site now collects some form of cookies to
    “optimise performance,” even at the expense
    of your own. As a remedy, aim to routinely
    clear your cache at least every few months.
    Not all web browsers are created equal. If
    you’re experiencing lag time, try switching to
    see if loading speeds improve.
    Windows 10 task manager is your best friend
    here. It lets you see which programs run when
    you boot up and the amount of RAM needed
    to power them. Right-click on any needy
    applications to have them run on command
    PCMag recommends running a vetted thirdparty system to speedup and cleanup utilities
    on Windows 10. Just beware of downloads
    making unrealistic claims. Many are malicious
    and can compromise your security.
    You don’t need every file on your computer. The
    Disk Cleanup feature flags applications and
    files you haven’t used in some time, freeing up
    space for your most important programs.
    It may use a little more energy, but a high
    performance power setting can really speed
    things along. Find the setting by going to app’s
    System > Power & Sleep > Additional Power >
    Show Additional Plans > High Performance.
    Go to Settings App > Troubleshoot. You
    have the option to do this manually or
    automatically. You can also visit the Control
    Panel > Security > Maintenance > Start
    Maintenance. Still moving slowly? Try
    simply shutting down for a few minutes and
    restarting. (That last bit of advice is a cliché for
    a reason!)
    From the start menu search box, type “adjust appearance.”
    Choose the overall best performance button, or just keep the
    effects you love most.
    Speed is a sign your system is optimal. With these minor
    adjustments, you can take matters into your own hands and
    make major performance improvements.

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