Computer Repair Hoxton Park Virus Removal

Computer Repair Hoxton Park Virus Removal

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Computer Repair Hoxton Park Virus Removal

Today we did a computer Repair in Hoxton Park, the client had accidentally opened the cryptolocker virus and infected her Shared folders on the Network. Luckily we had a backup to restore the files and folders. Then shared them back on the network once we had removed and checked all office computers for Trojans and Malware.

Have you downloaded Cryptolocker accidentally in your office Network?

We will scan all your office computer and remove any unwanted Trojans and malware, and run a complete system clean and remove unwanted starup processs

Worried your office Computer are infected?

We make sure all computers have an up to date Antivirus and check all updates are installed.

Security is one of the most important aspects for business computers in this case we had a back to work with.

For help removing or computer maintenance call our office on 0429929971


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