Computer Repair Forest Lodge

Computer Repair Forest Lodge

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Computer Repair Forest Lodge

Pc Tech It Solutions is Servicing the Forest Lodge and Surrounding Areas.

Why use Pc Tech It Solutions? With over 16 years experience in the industry for home and small office we can support all your computers issues, remotely or on site. FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY all your repairs are quoted and guaranteed. 

Want to Print Wireless in your Home?

 Having the option to print wireless at home is great no cables and you can hide the printer in a cupboard as long as the printer supports wireless printing you will be able to print from all your devices at home, with Iphones you will need to install and app and same goes for Android, normally apps found in the app store. Some printer Manufactures have their own apps for their printers, Let Pc tech It Solutions install your wireless network and configure all your devices. 

Internet Connection week in Parts of your Home?

Most homes some due to the age or location of Rooms will have some sort of outages, we can fix this by a few simple devices we can install in your home or office.

Range Extenders : Range extenders will as the name implies extend the range of the wireless signal but may loose signal strenght when devices are connected to it.

Powerline Adaptor : With Power line adaptors you can get speeds upto 600-1200mbps depending on the device this is the best option for Video and demanding devices. One end connects to the Router Modem, the other connects to the device via

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