Computer Repair Bossley Park

Computer Repair Bossley Park

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Computer Repair Bossley Park

Today we had a strange job client spend Hours with Telstra Diagnosing his internet connection issues.

At first we suspected a virus but on further checking the system we found Norton to be corrupt and locked the computers network communication to the modem.

We managed to fix this and got the computer running at the same time we updated Norton and ran Spyware check and found 486 infections on his computer.

Personally Im not a fan of Norton but if we have to work with it we will fix it.

Once we had cleaned and removed all infections the system was running fine and not to mention, over 80 updates from Microsoft.

If you are experiencing speed issues let Pc Tech It Solutions come onsite and do your Compuer Repair in Bosley Park.

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All Computer Repairs in Bossley Park come with a free pick up and delivery service and we can do fixed quotes, which assures you a fixed price from the start.

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