Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

With ever present costs and location of multinational Companies, Cloud Services and Cloud Hosting offers an alternative to the costly process associated with infustructure.

What Is Cloud Computing?
Cloud-computing services require no software to purchase and install. This doesn’t include a Java plug-in or some other kind of lightweight applet required to use the service.

Cloud-computing fees for businesses are typically subscription-based, charged on a month-to-month or annual basis. The solutions we feature here are relatively affordable and follow the subscription model.

Another feature of cloud computing is that it’s easily scalable. Many of these solutions can work for a business with five employees or 5,000.

Cloud-based service is nimble because it grows as your business grows.

Some of the Services we offer you are as follows:


Storage and Backup

One of the most pertinent concerns for a business of any size is storage and backup. Especially backup.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is suite of cloud-based products which includes:

Microsoft Exchange Online, based on Microsoft Exchange Server which allows access to your e-mail, calendars and contacts via the Internet Microsoft SharePoint Online, a document sharing, collaboration and editing tool which allows sharing of information and serves as either an Intranet for internal staff or Extranet for your business partners.

Microsoft Lync Online, provides various communication facilities to improve efficiency from instant messaging, online meetings or video conference; with full integrations with Microsoft Office applications to share information Microsoft Office Professional Plus, the same Office product we are familiar with the added flexibility to license month-by-month, users-by-users which is perfect for branch office setup


Virtual private Server (VPS)

Virtual private server provides a secure platform to host and share business data and applications  without the upfront capital of new server equipment. A virtual server is functionally equivalent to physical sever in your office and offers the flexibility to grow with your business without the outlay of additional expense in hardware and power. Security is also taken into consideration making it as safe as your server room in your office as all data is encripted and secure, if not more so than your office.