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  • Virus removal Hervey Bay
    VIRUS REMOVAL Hervey Bay Viruses can damage and may encrypt your computer if not removed or if you don’t have virus protection. We came across this virus on one of our client computers, and very tricky
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  • USB to HDMI Adapter
    USB to HDMI Adapter This new solution is designed to add a HDMI port to any computer (Mac or PC) Create multi-display multi-view systems without disassembling your PC – Easily connect additional monitors using a USB
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  • Remote Access Working from Home?
    Remote Access Working from Home? Remote Access: Working from home is the norm theses days with more and more Businesess opting for this option for their employees or owners of business as most of the time
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  • Windows 98 Computer repair
    Windows 98 Computer Repair: Had an intersting job today, fixing an outdated windows 98 machine, you may ask why? This machine is running a Cutting Machine CNC cutting machine. The client needed to fix the pc
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Computer Repair

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