Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Z

Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Z

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ntroducing GeForce GTX TITAN Z: Ultimate Power


GeForce GTX TITAN and GeForce GTX TITAN Black stormed the industry by offering supercomputer class performance to enthusiast gamers, for the most demanding titles. On the desktop, they delivered unmatched gaming performance on 3840×2160 “4K” screens, whilst remaining cool and quiet with industry-leading power efficiency.

For researchers, scientists and other CUDA developers, meanwhile, GTX TITAN GPUs delivered unparalleled double-precision computational performance that can be found beneath your feet in a traditional PC chassis.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - The Ultimate CUDA Development Platform

Today, we unleash the fastest and most advanced graphics card we’ve ever made: the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Z. A technical masterpiece, designed from top to bottom for record breaking performance, the innovatively-designed GTX TITAN Z has 12 GB of 7 Gbps video memory, 5,760 CUDA Cores, and two GK110 GTX TITAN Black GPUs to power 3840×2160, max setting gaming experiences in the latest and greatest games.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Key Image

With its efficient power usage and other advanced attributes, the GeForce GTX TITAN Z is the perfect card for Small Form Factor gaming systems equipped with a single high-performance PCI Express slot, giving you record breaking performance in an appealing, attractive chassis.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Perfect for Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs.

Putting this power in perspective, a single GeForce GTX TITAN Z system powered by three GTX TITAN Z graphics cards can run the same workloads as Google Brain, Google’s massive $5M neural network.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Supercomputer power at a fraction of the cost.

For videographers, GeForce GTX TITAN Z can accelerate real-time color correction in Davinci Resolve by 12x compared to systems running on the CPU alone, and at twice the speed as the highest-end Mac Pro.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Davinci Resolve, 12x faster with GeForce GTX TITAN Z.

Innovative Design, From Silicon To Shroud

To push the limits of GPU technology to new heights, GTX TITAN Z’s record breaking silicon is encased in an all-new, custom-made cooler that sits at the cutting edge of design. For starters, the exterior is comprised entirely of aluminum, providing utmost strength, durability, and heat dissipation.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Fully Assembled

The all-important centrally-mounted axial fan is 40% thicker than GTX TITAN Black’s, and was specially optimized with custom fin pitch and air entry angles to minimize noise and maximize cooling efficiency. At full speed, airflow peaks at 33 cubic feet per minute.

Beneath the fan, on an aluminum heat-dissipation plate placed above the VRAM, we’ve introduced ducted channels that improve airflow, minimizing turbulence, and improving acoustic qualities.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Fan

Flanking the fan are dual vapor chambers attached to 500 square inch extended fin stacks, featuring 60% more surface area than GTX TITAN Black, to draw heat away from components and towards the aluminum exterior.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Fan & Fin Stack

Beneath sits the GTX TITAN Z’s dual GK110 GTX TITAN Black GPUs, and our revolutionary 12-phase dynamic power balancing technology that ensures peak performance at all times.

In the past, exactly half of the power was routed to each GPU. However, depending on variations in cooling, workload and manufacturing process, one GPU may have required more power than the other. Now, we dynamically route power to each GPU, ensuring each is fully optimized.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Dynamic Power Balancing Technology

Lining the exterior of the GeForce GTX TITAN Z PCB are 12 Gigabytes (GB) of record-breaking 7 Gigabits Per Second (Gbps) GDDR5 Video RAM, ensuring ultra-high resolutions gaming systems and large CUDA workloads have enough memory.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - 12GB of VRAM

The bracket is customized, too, with a unique, efficient design that maximizes the amount of air expelled.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Baseplate

Finally, a black, custom NVIDIA aluminum backplate transfers heat away from the rear of the card.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Backplate

This unprecedented combination of premium-grade materials, leading power efficiency, and advanced design enables GTX TITAN Z to operate solely on air cooling, with the same acoustic qualities as the critically acclaimed GeForce GTX TITAN Black.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Full View


GeForce GTX TITAN Z - Key Visual

GeForce GTX TITAN Z is our fastest graphics card, and our most advanced, featuring new innovations that will influence future GPU generations. For 3840×2160 and 11520×2160 “4K” gamers there is no better air-cooled card.

For enthusiast small form factor systems, like GeForce GTX Battleboxes, the GTX TITAN Z is the only game in town, delivering unbeatable gaming performance for chassis that lack the required room for standard SLI configurations. If you’re looking for your own performance powerhouse, like a Battlebox, hold fast: we’re working with our partners to refresh the Battlebox program with custom-made chassis are perfect for GTX TITAN Z. For further details stay locked to GeForce.co.uk in the coming weeks.

For researchers scientists and CUDA developers, GeForce GTX TITAN Z delivers unprecedented computational power in an ATX-compatible form factor, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional supercomputer.


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