Microsoft 365 Migration Hervey Bay

Microsoft 365 Migration Hervey Bay

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Migrating to 365 can be Daunting with all your Accounts, GDrive, Dropbox, and Onedrive you need to make sure all your data is safely backed up.

Microsoft 365 Migration Services

For Office and Sharepoint Teams setup we can deploy the service, be it local or internationally we can deploy it for you.

If you need help with your Microsoft Migration or Setup we can help.

Dropbox migration with 365 you get 1TB of Storage so you don’t have to have multiple accounts you only need one account and you can use Onedrive or Sharepoint to share your files with Staff and Clients.

This Solution is for Home Based Businesses that are growing and Businesses with 100+ staff.

Sharing content with Staff and Clients has never been easier with the right tools to get your work completed faster via team collaboration.

Pc Tech It Solutions 365 Migration service we plan out and discuss your needs for a free consult on the cost to migrate or if you have questions or a new setup call our office on 04 299 29971.

Case Study for Non-Profits AMADD Institute

365 Benefits for your Office

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