Crypto Locker Removal Wetherill Park

Crypto Locker Removal Wetherill Park

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Crypto Locker Removal Wetherill Park

Today we had a client who opened an email from Australia Post which was fake and installed crypto locker on the computer encrypting all the files on the local Pc and Network Drives.

To pay or not to Pay?

With most ramson ware viruses today the question is do I pay the money or not in most cases you need to pay within 48/96 hours of getting the infection but the question is how much is your data worth? The problem is if you pay you are still not guaranteed of getting the unlock key for all your encrypted files.

In all cases my clients have chosen not to pay for their files to be unlocked, the key here is you need to have good backup plans in place, in this case my client had completed a back up a few days ago and we were able to restore the files and folders as needed.

If you need a backup plan or need help with a backup  call our mobile service on 0429929971 we can come and talk to you and quote on a complete backup solution for home and office.


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