computer repairs moorebank nsw

computer repairs moorebank nsw

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computer repairs moorebank NSW

We had a call from a local business in Moorebank NSW they run over 12 CNC machines cutting Glass.

The head of IT asked us to look a windows 98 machine that was blue screening after a while. This was a CNC computer that controlled one of the cutting machines.

I asked how they found Pc TEch and was told he googled  and found me under  computer repairs Moorebank.

We manged to fix the issues and had his machine up and running in no time

Since the site visit we have planned to upgrade all the machines giving them a few more years to keep runing their machines as the cost to upgrade the machinery is too costly. We will work with you to fix the current problem giving you time to work and find a suitable solution for you CNC machine.

Why Choose Pc Tech to do my computer repairs Moorebank?

With over 10 years experience and growing we support a varied of clients

Supporting Small to Medium Infrastructure, be it virtual supporting VM Ware, or windows based systems.

Working with you to achieve a deisired result.

Helping Local Business

Grano Restaurant click here to find

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