Computer Repair Greystanes Oldfield Street

Computer Repair Greystanes Oldfield Street

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Computer Repair Greystanes

“Every time I go onto the internet and so searching I get pop ups on my browser and get taken to other sites” if this happens to you we can help, more than likely you have a browser hijacker, Our technicians are prepared to deal with all of the current viruses and will remove them with the exception of Crypto Locker unfortunately we cannot unlock your files, we can remove the virus but your files can only be recovered from a backup or system previous version.

How to remove browser hijacker? We can help today we found over 2300 objects infected on clients computer, we removed and ran a system clean on computer and fixed all issues with computer, we can also recommend a replacement for your old Antivirus, using one of the current AV.

We service the Greystanes area and carry out all types of computer repairs and upgrades, be it a PC or Mac we can upgrade and repair your computer. We also carry out Solid State Drive upgrades to speed up your computer you will notice the speed difference on your Windows machine with instant boot up times.


Need your Smart TV configured with wireless Internet?

we can help you setup and show you how to use your smart tv and get you going.

For all your office and Home computer issues call our mobile service 0429929971


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