Computer Repair Chipping Norton failed backup drive

Computer Repair Chipping Norton

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Computer Repair Chipping Norton

Backup Drive Failed? We can recover the data from your drive possibly without expensive recovery fees, as long as the drive itself is not faulty

Data Recovery:

Clients Backup drive had failed, and was out of warranty, The drive was not working in the usb caddy.

We removed the drive from the caddy and installed it in a new HD enclosure which tested ok, in this case the drive was working fine, as it had a faulty enclosure due to client dropping it.

We recovered the data to a new Drive and confirmed the work with the client.

Data Recovery is one of the services we offer, most of the time can be done onsite, occasionally, the drive needs to be taken off site and extract the data using recovery software and hardware.

Please be assured we will not delete any of your data and will not set it up on a computer and run a it on a pc as this may delete some of your data.

If we cant do the recovery we send it to Payam Data Recovery

For all your data recovery needs contact our office 0429929971



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