Cashbook Complete Accounting Software

Cashbook Complete Accounting Software

What is Cashbook Complete?

Cashbook Complete is an accounting package that truly cuts the mustard as far as Ease of Use is concerned. It has user friendly screens and uses simple accounting terminology throughout.

Cashbook Complete

Cashbook Complete Features

Five Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing Accounting Software

Question 1 – How Well Does It Fit My Business?

Nothing is worse than paying a lot of money for an accounting program that doesn’t suit your business well. Cashbook Complete has been designed to be as generic as possible. It is packed full of features that will satisfy many of the business needs that people face today.

Cashbook Complete has a large user base and is used by many different types of businesses and industries worldwide. These are some of the reasons why Cashbook Complete should suit your business well.

You, as the business owner, are the best person to answer this question fully. You know how your business operates and what suits it best.

To help determine the best answer to this question, the ideal thing to do is to download the software, and take advantage of the 90 day trial. You can use just about all of the functionality of Cashbook Complete and judge for yourself how well Cashbook Complete will suit your business.

Question 2 – What is the “Total Cost of Ownership”?

Are you tired of having to pay a large sum of money every time you pick up the phone? And what about paying for upgrades to get new functionality? There can be a lot of expensive hidden costs with accounting software. It pays to do your research.

We’ve broken down the costs of Cashbook Complete into three sections, 1 – Software, 2 – Support, 3 – Training.

  1. Software For the features available, Cashbook Complete is very reasonably priced. There are three editions with Cashbook Complete, depending on what you need.Cashbook Home – Includes a cashbook, categories, and the standard reports. It is ideal for keeping track of your personal bank accounts, or for non profit organisations that don’t require GST. You can’t beat the price of Cashbook Home, it’s FREE!!!Cashbook Lite – This comes with a cashbook, GST, contact management and a report writer for writing your own reports. Cashbook Lite is suited to people who just need to keep track of their bank accounts and file their GST returns. It is well priced at $140. The amount of time Cashbook Lite saves you when doing your GST return will be well worth the investment. Cashbook Complete – Includes everything in Cashbook Lite, plus invoicing, quotations, timesheets and much more. This is the full featured version which is best suited to running your business. The cost of Cashbook Complete is only $280. One of the best things about Cashbook Complete is that the upgrades are free from our web site. No more having to pay for new features when they become available. Please note that our registration is on a per data file basis. Each data file you setup needs to be registered individually. However, once you’ve registered your first one, subsequent ones are half price.
  2. Support Although the program is easy to use, you might find that one day you’ll need support. You can find a lot of answers to many of the questions you might face for free. Before picking up that phone, or sending us an email, have a look at the online instruction manual, program help, or our frequently asked questions list.
  3. Training Most people don’t require training as the program is very easy to use. If you do find that you need training then we have a dealer network who can help with this. The dealers do charge for their time and it varies from dealer to dealer.

Question 3 – What Level of Skill Does It Require?

This is the great thing about Cashbook Complete. We receive compliments on a daily basis on how easy the program is to use (don’t believe us? Take a look at the testimonials, or download the software now!).

The program has been designed so that a complete novice can jump in and find their way around quickly and easily. It uses simple accounting terminology, and yet has all of the features used in modern day accounting software. Your accountant will be impressed with Cashbook Complete.

For first time users we have a getting started guide to help you get up and running in a matter of minutes.

If you do get stuck with a feature, there are a number of ways to get un-stuck. For an overall view of the program it is best to have a read of the online manual to see how the program works. For more specific help, there is a help button on all of the important screens. These will tell you how to complete a task. There is also a FAQ which lists the most frequently asked questions.

Question 4 – How Many Users Do They Have?

Cashbook Complete has quite a following. We have tens of thousands of users throughout the world. With this many users you can be sure that Cashbook Complete is a good, well thought out, and worthwhile product!

With the success of Cashbook Complete you can rest assured that it will be upgraded and supported in the future.

Question 5 – Where Do I Get It?

Excellent question! You can download Cashbook Complete from here. For a quick introduction on how to get up and running, please read our getting started guide.